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Pro Tools M-Powered 8

NOW SHIPPING! Pro Tools M-Powered 8 is the latest and greatest version of Pro Tools for M-Audio Interfaces.

Lot's of new features and plug-ins, including Sibelius notation software

M-Audio Pro Tools M-Powered vs ProTools HD and LE

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The Pro Tools Family

M-Audio Pro Tools HD

Pro Tools HD

Pro Tools HD Systems perform most audio processing on DSP cards and use external, rack mountable interfaces to handle incoming and outgoing audio. TDM (Time-Division-Multiplexing), a proprietary interconnect format is used for communication between the devices. HD is only compatible with Digidesign ProTools HD approved hardware.

ProTools HD supports the highest resolution formats and the greatest numbers of audio tracks.

M-Audio Pro Tools M-Powered 8 Software

Pro Tools LE

Pro Tools LE (Limited Edition) uses the host DSP, rather than separate DSP cards, to perform audio processing. ProTools LE requires compatible Digidesign hardware and will not run without it. Compatible interfaces include the MBox, Digi002, and Digi003. LE has a smaller track count than HD and lower maximum sample rate. As no additional DSP cards are required or supported, only RTAS plug-ins can be used. There is a VST to RTAS converter software utility made by FXpansion[1] that will convert VST plugins to RTAS format.

Time code based grid and import of OMF and AAF files is not available in Pro Tools LE without purchase of the DV Toolkit or Complete Toolkit software addons.

M-Audio Pro Tools M-Powered 8 Software

Pro Tools M-Powered

M-Audio was acquired by Avid Technology in 2004, and in April 2005 Digidesign released Pro Tools M-Powered which brought almost all Pro Tools LE functionality to a subset of M-Audio USB, Firewire and PCI interfaces. M Powered requires a separate iLok dongle for copy protection.

Advantages: M-Powered is an inexpensive way to get started with ProTools and is expandable later on with add-ons like the Music Production Tool-Kit which adds 64 audio track capability. M-Audio interfaces support just about every DAW there is, including Sonar and Samplitude, so you can use a lot more than just Pro Tools with your M-Audio interface.

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